Well today was a good day, I actually managed to sleep more than six hours today. I think the insomnia and mood swings I’ve been having the last few days might be due to alcohol withdrawals. I have been drinking a lot lately, starting with our week at the beach and culminating with the Labor Day weekend. I’ve been drinking this evening, so we’ll see if I sleep tonight and wake up with a headache.

We managed to snag a Calico Guardian last night. I found out what the MSRP was on it and placed a lowball bid and managed to score one in the first minute, practically at list. It was pretty sweet.

I did more work on our dex, orders started working, so now I just need to figure out why settlement doesn’t work then we can publish and hopefully start raking in the fees. The dao raised over twelve grand today, including one contribution for ten grand. It’s amazing how much money is in crypto. Speaking of which, I estimated that Atlas Co. raised over nine million selling those two hundred Guardians. It’s amazing how much they’re minting.

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