Up up up

I just barely remembered to do today’s update, it’s 10PM and I’ve had a busy day.

Work continues on the Star Atlas DEX. I’ve made progress, but we’re still having problems with trades and settlement, and I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of trying to deploy the site to Github pages using actions, trying to abstract out development and production environment variables. It’s a mess.

I’m still really optimistic though, I’m really close to having a feature complete Star Atlas marketplace. Michael Wagner, the CEO of Star Atlas even reiterated the idea of having independent DEXs at yesterday’s townhall. He said something to the effect that “since we’re using Serum’s decentralized orderbook, anyone will be able to stand up their own front end and allow people access to Star Atlas’s assets.”

We hear you Mike, we hear you.

Personally, I was also busy around the house. My never-ending deck project is closer to completion, I cleared the main deck and washed it down from top to bottom in preparation for staining tomorrow. I even cut a few balusters that needed replacing. I took Younger out with me to the store, and took her and her bestie to the beach for an hour today while Elder was out with her bestie for a birthday dinner. Tomorrow I need to stain the main deck boards.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get this DEX stood up, but I’ve got investors interested now, and the dao is growing. With any luck we’ll be the Yield Guild of Star Atlas soon. The upside here is so huge.

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