Evening notes

It’s been a busy twenty-four hours.

I stayed up till four in the morning binge watching Ragnarok on Netflix. It started off pretty good but seems to be dragging on. It’s not quite Dark, but it’ll do for sci-fi/fantasy.

I wound up getting up after nine, just in time to do my weekly Perpetual funding management. This week was much better than the last two, closing in on my previous nine to five was bringing in. I rolled the positions into additional longs, keeping my liquidation price under $19,000 BTC and $1800 ETH. I’m glad I didn’t get to crazy when we were at $52k, and almost wish I had taken some profits. The drop erased over twenty thou in profit, but I haven’t really been concerned about it too much.

I didn’t do much work on our staratlas.exchange. Someone left me a Discord message that an existing exchange has already listed Star Atlas NFTs complete with price data. So that was a bit depressing, but I’m determined to push forward and build one with the support of the guild. Work will continue this week.

First though, I need to finish the deck. I made another trip to the hardware store today to pick up railings for the porch. I had to cut them at a 45-degree angle by hand with a miter box, and I’ll admit it’s a horrible job. But all the balusters are in place now and I’ve started staining. I ran out of sunlight though, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue work in the morning if it doesn’t rain. If I can finish the first coat in the morning, I might be able to put the second on in the evening and finally be done with the project.

A parenting note: Missus has decided that enough is enough and that she’s going to be bad cop. She’s tired of our kids being the worst kids among our social circle. Ours our disrespectful and defiant, and I’ve been losing my minds the past few weeks. Now it seems it’s open season on spankings here in the house. The kids think they can just tell us ‘no’ when we ask them to do something and just do whatever they want. Not any more.

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