Spreadsheet king

One of these days I’m really going to have to figure out pivot tables.

I spent most of my day working through member contribution proposals for SAIADao, trying to figure out exactly what we’ve done with our membership scheme. I really messed things up a bit the last two weeks without knowing what I was doing. I think I got things cleared up a bit, so I’m going to give it a day for dao members to look it over and chime in before we start accepting additional members. We raised over $45 thou in the last ten days.

I spoke with a Russian software entrepreneur this morning. Apparently he’s one of the four pre-sale SAFT Rebirth participants. He had put together a price dashboard for SA NFTs and I had seen some of the screenshots floating around and I wanted to find the person that did them so I could pick their brain. I didn’t realize that I would meet up with one of the biggest SA whales in the space. Things are so crazy.

I also spoke to my domestic VC and went over the challenges that I’m having with the plan. He’s putting me in touch with a capital group that should help me be able to help me tighten things up and allow us to scale fundraising.

One of the common themes I’m hearing is that people have assets that they need managed. Great, you just bought a couple hundred thousand of SA assets and you don’t have time to put them to use. What you do? You call BCM and we’ll handle it.

Things are pretty exciting.

Personally, I managed to get in a workout this morning, and went right to it after I took Elder to the bus stop. I was busy till she got home. I think I took a five minute break to chill and spent twenty minutes playing piano, but the rest of the time was on Discord or Google Sheets. I was able to delegate some lesser things today, so that was good.

This evening I managed to get a coat of stain on the main deck floor boards. That took ninety minutes then I cooked dinner. The kids didn’t want to help clean so I told them to go to their rooms, watched Last Week Tonight then finished cleaning up and took a shower. I feel like I’m working non-stop. Missus probably thought I was dicking around all day, she doesn’t even know how much I’m doing right now.

The only downside today was that I didn’t get enough time to focus on our Serum dex, but I’m hoping I can get to that right after I hit PUBLISH.

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