Today has gotten off to a bad start.

I went to bed on time and got a decent sleep. I woke up to get Younger ready for school and she gave me a hard time, but I got her down to the bus stop. Yesterday I got a text message from the school that the bus would be late, so I wound up taking her in. There was a similar message this morning but I decided to wait it out as it had only been about fifteen minutes late yesterday. Not so today.

There had been a story in the local newspaper this weekend about restaurants closing because they couldn’t find workers. I’ve been hearing anecdotes and news reports all over about it. People don’t want to work at bullshit jobs anymore. Partially because of the stimulus, COVID fears, and whatever other factors, the Great Resignation is making it hard to fill these jobs. And yes, let’s not forget that I myself and opted out to do .. well, what is it I’m doing now?

So I don’t know why I just decided to write a long Tweetstorm on this instead of here, but I felt like putting some thoughts down about this supply-chain and labor shortage. I didn’t want to say the word Weimar, but that’s what I’m think of course.

Anyways, my day was made worse by the fact that I forgot Elder and I have a dentist appointment this morning and that I was supposed to drive Missus into the office. Anyways, that’s in an hour, then I need to drop her off at school, try and get some work done in two hours, pick up Younger at the bus stop, come home, work for two hours, then pickup Missus and Elder.

Yea, I’m not getting a lot done today.

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