Busy Sunday

It is the end of a long Sunday. I turned in fairly early last night and got a good start on the day. Both of the girls went to church, so Missus and I got to spend a nice day together here at the house. I cooked us breakfast and then we got on with our todo list. I cut the grass, cleaned the back ditch and finally put the hot tub cover straps screwed down, and also re-attached the lift bar. The two of us even had time to take a bubble bath together before the girls got back. It was pretty nice.

What was even nicer what that after the girls got back, they and their friends spent the next four hours outside playing. They didn’t even bother us that much. It was pretty amazing. We had dinner, watched a show, and now the two of them are passed out and I’ve got an hour to watch a show before turning in. I even managed to get in a workout first thing this morning.

I did a lot of my usually weekend yield-farming activities this morning, actually starting last night with a new OHM fork on Matic called Klima. This one is based around carbon credit capture, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out. That makes three OHM projects, Olympus, Wonderland.money on AVAX, and Klima. We’ll see if we get lucky. I had some problems last night because I had all my MATIC tokens locked in Aave. I pulled a couple hundred dollars out and had staked it in QuickSwap, but then threw it into some WolfMoon project that failed. I had enough collateral that I could sell enough to pay off the loan and pull everything out, and into Klima it went. I don’t have time to be paying attention to all this stuff, to be honest, so I’d rather just set it and forget it.

This morning I checked my Perps. I was down overall, and only made about $50 in BTC that I threw on top with 10x leverage. I’ll have to make some tough decisions if funding continues to tank my margin. We’ll see how it goes.

I also spent some time moving my Alchemix pools around. I had some ETH-ALCX in Pickle, but I read that Tokemax has a single-side ALCX reactor now, so I moved everything there. It must have taken me a dozen transactions with all the approvals and swaps. Unstake and remove SLP from Pickle; sell pickle on Zapper; unstake SLP; unstake and claim ALCX and alUSD from Alchemix; approve and stake on Tokemax. It’s my IRA account so I wasn’t too worried about it, but something tells me I’m taking a loss on the whole exercise. As usual.

I spent the rest of the day working on Anchor stuff. I decided to try my hand at doing some stuff with Orca. Since Sunday’s is when I execute SAIAdao’s DCA strategy, I wanted to see what I could do there. Unfortunately, WSL doesn’t support USB devices and I was too lazy to go downstairs and work on it, so I did it manually and spent some time playing around with their API. I got some basic stuff working, but I’m nowhere near being able to clone something like SolFarm/Tulip. I’m just starting to get used to running Node scripts, and still trying to understand how to tie together TypeScript into everything. Let alone actually writing a program that does CPI calls to other programs.

I’ll get there though. It’s just a matter of time.

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