Time to work

So yesterday ended on a much better note that it started. The kids came home and I made sure to give them all my attention as soon as they came in the house. If I use the words special time they immediately want to wrestle and do horsey rides, so I had to be a bit subtle with them.

I had found a couple sheet music sites that had version of the Bruno song from Encanto, so I played that for them a few times to see what kind of grasp they had on the words, then we spent an hour going over it and trying to figure out who was singing which parts. It was pretty fun.

I managed to have a talk with Elder about our fight that morning, and more importantly, why we had been fighting. She seemed to get the picture, and we managed to get through the rest of the evening without any arguing. And she did everything that I asked. There was one moment when I was putting her to bed and she did that thing she does where she tries to fight me, but I managed to de-escalate it. She had the nerve to tell me that I hadn’t given her any special time. The nerve.

I played some Stellaris last evening. It’s been a while since I played it and I’m struck at the number of things that have changed since I last played it. They really refined some of the first contact missions, and there are other, more subtle changes as well. The game is really massive, as far as the number of various game mechanic and systems that are in it. It’s quite the achievement. I can only imagine if we can get half the functionality into Star Atlas, not only from a multiplayer experience, but as a multi-faction system where individual decisions are made both at the player level and at the faction level as well. It’s going to be interesting.

I had a couple of meetings with the other PMs yesterday and unloaded some of my anxiety about the last week or so. It was good to get things off my chest. I feel much better. The crew was very supportive, and we got some good work done around process. Then we played some games. We tried to start up a guild in Ogame, we’ll see if it goes any further than before.

Younger is home today. She had a “sore throat” last night so Missus wanted to keep her home. I think she’s being gullible. So I’ve got my morning routine down this morning and everything is fine so far, save for my laptops which still perform like shit for some reason. I can’t determine whether it’s the dual monitors or some other thing going on that is causing the CPUs to reach their temperature limits and get throttled. Something to do with Chrome, it seems. I don’t know, my new Macbook is coming today so I won’t have to deal with it for much longer, hopefully.

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