Much to do

Here’s to the week ending better than it began. My mood is much improved. My morning meditation was full of mind wandering, but I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual and so I’m well rested this morning. I actually had dreams last night, full of sex and drugs and strangeness. I ran almost five miles last evening, after the cold weather melted away and I decided I’d been sitting still for too long.

I got a new Macbook Pro yesterday, a gift from someone who helped me with SAIAdao and who I brought with me to Star Atlas. Higher companions, indeed. It arrived just in time, as well, I think I squealed on the Zoom call when I saw the UPS truck pull up outside the door. It seems neither of my two Dell/Alienware Ubuntu laptops were able to handle the secondary monitors. Chrome would cause the CPU sensors to go haywire, signaling an overheat, sending the fans into overdrive and throttling the CPU. It had gotten to the point where I was unable to participate in a meeting without them crashing. Anyways, it’s a bit difficult to adjust, what with all the differences between command/option and CTRL/ALT/WIN keys.

I had a call with the Machinations team yesterday about project A.L.A.N. Mach actually sprang from the founder’s PhD thesis, so all my autonoma and Turing-complete state machine mumbo jumbo went over well, but I still couldn’t answer the question about what we’re trying to build, or rather what I’m actually trying to do. It’s still a pie-in-the-sky idea, mostly wrapped up in my head, and I need to spend some more time fleshing things out in my head.

But first I need to concentrate on the daos. We had a bit of miscommunication issue internally and so I need to do some cram research sessions to fill in the missing piece. But first, I need to focus on getting out the next series of airdrops for Rebirth holders. And I need to get my own transferred as well. Adding to the list of crap that I need to deal with, my FLEET script has been throwing errors, and I don’t have the logging setup properly so that I can tell what the hell is going on. I know that there were RPC errors with our node providers, so I need to figure out what to do about it. We definitely need some sort of queue system that can resend transactions. In short, there is much to do.

And it is Friday, which means happy hour and probably a late night of hanging out online with people. It’s been a couple weeks since we had a proper Star Atlas happy hour, and I’ve got ideas about that. Human radio ideas. Just add it to the stack of things that I want to do.

I’ve been listening to Alan Watts lately. The Waking Up app added hundreds of hours of his talks to their app, and it’s pure gold. It’s completely replaced my podcast feed. I needed some philosophy in my life, that’s for sure. It’s definitely calmed me a bit. I think it’s helping fill a certain gap. My Intro to World Religion course freshman year (1997) really blew my mind and freed me of a lot of family baggage that I had been carrying around with me, and listening to Watts talk about eastern philosophy and various subjects is helping me shed a lot more. Plus I’ve been reading The Mind Illuminated before going to bed. A lot of Watts rhetoric is repetitive, he had certain go-to phrases that he would bring up during these talks, maybe it’s the way the editors grouped them together, but hearing them repeated over and over really brings them home.

But the morning carries on, and I must end here for now.

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