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Friday was another night of largess, and I paid for it Saturday with a general feeling of tiredness that lasted throughout the day. My mom and stepfather came down to celebrate Christmas, so it was still a good day, but I was so beat that I went to bed early and was asleep by ten.

The kids enjoyed themselves. Nana brought sugar cookies and some decorative markers for them to use to decorate, and they went to town with it. They enjoyed their presents. I cooked sirloin, sous vide with some creamy mushroom sauce that I made with Missus’s grow your own mushroom kit. I baked some diced potatoes as a side along with a store-bought green bean casserole. We drank a couple of bottles of wine and had various cheese and crackers for an afternoon snack. Then we wrapped up the evening with Encanto, which most of us hadn’t seen yet. Then they left and we put the kids to bed and I read twenty minutes of Rainbows End and promptly passed out. I didn’t even care that I hadn’t journaled or meditated.

I’ve got a busy morning. I’ve got SAIAdao business to attend to this morning, then I really need to turn my attention to the house budget, not to mention all the other stuff that needs to be done around here. I’ve got computer monitors everywhere, and more computers than I know what to do with. And I need to workout.

I got my Whoop fitness tracker in a couple days ago. It’s still initializing my data, but it’s already telling me that I need to go to bed earlier than I’ve been doing. About an hour, actually. My mom got me new running shoes, so I need to break those in before I got for a run, but for now I just want to do twenty or forty minutes of weight lifting before I hop on a call.

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