Younger is still “sick”. All she has to say is that her throat hurts and Missus is willing to keep her home. I wish I had a thermometer in this house I could trust. I just told her that I think she wants to be sick so she can stay home, watch Spongebob, and play games. I don’t know, she does feel a bit warm on her forehead, but I don’t know I can take another day of not getting work done. I feel guilty letting her sit in front of a screen for two hours so I can get some work done. We did have a fun day. I tried to play a card game with her, but we spent the time just explaining the card deck and getting her comfortable with holding them. I did a couple card tricks and fooled her with some obvious cheats, which she eventually caught on to. Watching her try to do her own tricks was pretty funny because she didn’t know any and was resorting to some pretty blatant tactics to do them.

I did manage to take her out for some exercise as well. She rode her bike while I ran, probably a bit over two and a half miles. The neighbors weren’t around, so she didn’t get to play with anyone else.

We did have Girl Scout cookie pickups yesterday, which precipitated a whole fight between Elder and I. I told her that I wanted her to go with me and she started questioning me, and I’m not trying to have a goddamn debate with her every time I ask her to do something. She told me that she wanted to quit Scouts, which I told her that she could do after the school year is out. She’s already been going to meetings and her troop leader just literally got me their vests and badges sewn on. No way. I told her that she wants all the rewards without any of the hard work, and Missus say truer words have never been spoken. It’s like with any activity or hobby that she does, she gets to the valley of despair and wants to quit. She doesn’t yet understand that she’s got to push through that to get to the other side.

So yea, we’ve got several hundred dollars worth of cookies here in the house. Even if we sell them all, I’m not sure that it’s enough to cover their membership, which the troop has waived. I’ll make it work.

Work on the house is progressing. The porch and garage door have been painted, and the inside is next up on the list. It looks like we might actually get the work done before the second quarter of this year. Then we can start worrying about the windows.

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