I am not doing a very good job keeping up with my journals. I appreciate the discipline that someone like Jonathan Mann or Beeple have with their daily task. I can’t even imagine keeping it up for five or thirteen years. Unimaginable. I guess ultimately I’m not doing it for other people. It’s not like I’m going to sell my blog as NFTs. I don’t even have a plan for this anymore, if I did I would have it somewhere that it would survive me … Github pages, perhaps?

Anyways, we are making some progress around the house. The contractor has started work on the front of the house, and has been out several times over the last week to fix the storm door and light fixtures. Yesterday the painter was out and started on the porch. The rotting wood around the garage doors has been replaced and will get painted as well.

I also managed to get someone to grind out the tree stump in the front yard. My neighbor, whom I’ll call OCD from here, had hired a tree crew to trim some trees behind his property, and I’d gone out to see if they would grind it. The first crew wanted me to call their office for a quote. Nope. The second crew said they didn’t grind, but told me to look out for the guy when he came. So he came by yesterday morning, so I walked out and quickly made a deal. Seventy five bucks and he had the stump gone in twenty minutes. After he was done with OCD’s yard, he came back and offered to dig a hole so that we would be ready to plant our replacement tree. Noice. So now we’re ready to get started with our landscaping project. I think I’ll outsource that as well.

Younger got sent home from school. They said she had a fever of 101, but I checked when she got home and couldn’t detect one. Maybe my thermometer is broken. The girl literally ran around the kitchen yelling today is the best day ever! when she got home. She had missed Valentines day on Monday so she came home with a bag of candy.

Missus made General Tso’s chicken for dinner, I ordered two hundred and thirty dollars worth of groceries. I think we’ll be set for a while.

I’m working on Rust Exercism’s. They’re getting very difficult and require a lot of thinking and planning. I don’t even know what to do with this Alphametic one, and am doing another that has to do with sublists of raw arrays. They’re difficult, to say the least. I’m sticking to my discipline of not looking ahead at the answers. I’ve got to figure out a solution, as ugly as it may be, on my own before I look at the idiomatic way of doing things.

I’ve also been playing Lost Ark, against my better judgement. For one, I’ve got enough going on without trying to pick up an MMO, but the team seems to be interested in it so I’ll give it a shot. I don’t think I’ll stick with it though, it seems to be targeting pubescent boys. All of the female figures have huge breasts and sway their hips in this hugely exaggerated gait. It has some interesting gameplay elements, but I don’t think it’s worth my time. I’ll probably stick with it in spite of myself.

I have been reading some books on game design. Since I’m going to be working more and more with the Unreal Engine devs, I figure it’s good to pick up some of the formal knowledge on the subject. I was reading a few days ago and remarked to Missus that I’m surprised that it’s take me till now to really study games as a discipline. It would have been such an obvious track for me coming out of high school. I wonder why I never considered it.

Last thought: I need to move my wake up time. There’s just not enough time for me to get the kids ready, write, and meditate before nine AM. And no room for exercise. I haven’t lifted in days. Granted, I did go skiing, and ran, so maybe I should be so hard on myself. But I would do better to get up earlier. It’s the going to bed part that gets me.

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