Superbowl-less Sunday

I’m rushing to write this as my laptop battery is almost dead. I have less than fifteen minutes.

We woke up and decided to do another day of skiing. I was originally going to go by myself, but somehow got the whole family involved. I bought a four-hour pass for Elder, we figured out that Younger was free. Missus only wore her snow boots and would provide support while her father and I dealt with the kids.

It was a bit of a disaster. Younger didn’t want to follow my direction and wound up going pretty much straight down the green slope until she got fast enough that she was scared, then she’d just fall over. Rinse, repeat. Elder was on her own for a while, doing the kiddie slopes, till it was time to walk back to meet up with Missus. Then she threw the whine-card. Walking up the mountain in her boots was the hardest thing ever, and she fell down at one point and basically refused to move.

I lost my temper, and embarrassed myself as the asshole yelling at his kid. I dumped them off with their mother and went back out for another two hours by myself. I did a run with FIL, but he was worn out from yesterday and I felt the need for speed.

I did pretty good, and managed to stay on my feet the entire day except for the beginning of my second run up on the blue slope. It was icy and I busted my finger when I fell, but it was right at the top, and I got back up and flew down without any further problems. My quads though… oh my gawd they burned.

I’ve really pushed my legs this week. Leg day on Thursday, a three mile run on Friday, then skiing on Saturday and Sunday. They are super tight. And not to mention the three hours of driving I did each way. I feel like I need a massage or a soak with some Epsom salts or something.

We put the girls down early. They took a nap on the ride down but I don’t want any issues in the morning.

Today was a pretty good day. It’s nice not having to worry about the money. I bought breakfast, the tickets, goggles for me and the kids, ski wax, a couple drinks at base camp, dinner at the truck stop, and gas both ways. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled or taken a vacation like that with such a lack of care for spending money.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

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