Sunday funday

Getting ready to sit down this late afternoon and play some games. I went to bed on time last night, and everyone got up early this morning. I can’t even remember the last time Missus was up before 9AM on a Sunday. The girls went to church, I sat silently — mostly — then Missus and I got busy with chores. I balanced the house accounts; our net worth is down about 400k since the market top. It wasn’t too painful, but it’s obvious my system needs some work. Also, tax time is coming up and we need to deal with that.

I worked out this morning, listening to AEnima, then I went out and ran errands: the library, Target, even stopped by Goodwill to get rid of four monitors and and old laptop. There’s more to do.

Been listening to Alan Watts; ordered his autobiography from the library. I keep thinking about the lyrics to Pneuma as well.

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