Personal failing

I should really rename this blog Oops, I did it again after the way this week is going. Missus voiced concern today that I’m engaging in self-destructive behavior, mostly staying up too late and shooting my mornings to shit. It would appear that I’ve used this threat of jury duty as an excuse to shirk my responsibilities, so I need to get back on track and do some work.

Things around the house are mostly fine. I’m still waiting on the second round of repairs to start before things deteriorate more than they already have. The garage door almost buckled in half the other day, and there’s a birds nest under the soffit on the corner of the house.

Financially, taxes are going to be a damn burden. There’s just so much paperwork I need to go through and get to the CPA. It almost feels like it’s going to be more work to have them do it, but I’m catastrophizing.

Healthwise, I’ve been staying active and running my ass off — four miles on Monday, two each on Tuesday and Wednesday — but I’m erasing any benefits with the damage to my liver and lack of quality sleep. I need to get back on track.

Missus’s mom had a vertigo attack at the grocery store, which caused all kinds of problems for us yesterday. Missus hasn’t been sleeping well either, Younger has only had one good night in the past two or three weeks, and that’s because I locked the bedroom door Tuesday night. She’s going through some sort of emotional stock-taking with her job and union work that’s probably being drawn out by sleep deprivation. She’s basically let some problems go on too long and one of them blew up this week. I found her up at 4AM Wednesday morning, working at her desk after one of the cats woke her up. (I locked the door, which kept Younger in bed, but the cat woke her up instead, so she didn’t even reap the benefit…)

Solana seems to have finally clicked in my brain, and I understand Anchor now. Not that I’m an expert, but I know what I’m doing now. I’ve got another week to crank out this three-token escrow program, then it’s back to working on the dao.

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