I must say it was a good day

April Fools passed by without too much craziness. Was busy with work and wrapped up the day with a post town hall Twitter Spaces. I think I managed not to say anything I wasn’t supposed to. After I wound up feeding the neighborhood, and spent about $150 on Chinese food. I let the kids watch High School Musical and put them to bed, then stayed up till three gaming with Ed. We were taking turns between Cyberpunk and rounds of Tarkov.

This morning I rolled out of bed with Missus around ten. She had a hair appointment across the water, so we decided to make a day out of it. I was to drop her off and take the kids to the zoo, only I realized after I dropped her off that I had forgotten my wallet. So instead, we hung out at a park adjacent to the zoo for about three hours. I had packed my new tactical bag with snacks and water, and chaperoned the kids around the parks various playground equipment. There were lots of trees that we tried to climb as well.

We picked up Missus at two, then went for a late lunch at a local mainstay, an overrated drive-in BBQ joint. Service was slow and the fare was barely passable french fries, BBQ sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and BLTs. After that we went back across the water and went to the community center to sign the girls up for spring break camp.

I think I had to fill out about a hundred pieces of paper. They had no electronic enrollment, so I had to fill out six forms, one for each of us for our family membership, and two more for the camp enrollment. They have basketball, a pool, crafts and a playground, and there are two other centers, one with a climbing wall.

Speaking of climbing, I’m hoping to take my first foray into rock climbing tomorrow with Todd. There’s a place right over where we were today, so I’m to meet him early tomorrow to check it out.

I took a nap this afternoon, showered and then did some work for SAIA’s multisig. Taking it easy this evening, of course, and putting the girls to bed as soon as I hang this up.

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