Tuesday morning is off to a good start, the girls got out of the house this morning without too much fuss. I’m rested and ready to get to work.

I’ve got at least one team meeting on the calendar late this afternoon, but I should have a few hours this AM to focus and get some work done. I think I’ll do some Solana programming. I spent yesterday going over a couple new features for the POLISdao with our lead web3 dev, but I’m going to save that for later in the week.

I haven’t really been thinking too much about my taxes, I’m just hoping that the CPA I hired can get me close enough that I don’t mind paying out to Uncle Sam. Well, I take that back. I have been thinking about it quite a bit, but I’ve been procrastinating on it, finding ways to avoid doing it. I don’t think I can get away with that past this week though. I just have a bit more to do, and it’s really not all that bad, time wise. I just don’t want to think about it.

Missus is slowly coming around on the offer I made to her, to let her quit her job and take some time off from work to evaluate everything and figure out what she really wants to do with no pressure. The VA is a mess, and her union is reflection of that. She’s doing a great job at both, but there’s not really a culture of excellence within it, and it’s mostly a bunch of passive-aggressive, petty bullshit. It’s bad for her mental health. Anyways I’ve been riling her about it, and we were talking about health insurance the other day and she said let’s wait till August, which is the month that she hits her fifteen years. She’s eligible for a partial retirement, so that’s the earliest we agreed that she could step away. To hear her say it is a good sign though. I just need to hold the fort down for the next couple years while Star Atlas launches. As long as we avoid lifestyle inflation we should be good.

I’m setting aside 37% of my paycheck into crypto right now, which still leaves me with more take home that I had at my last job. I haven’t even looked at the budget for last month, but I know for a fact that I haven’t done anything crazy the last four months. Just a little bit of fun. The one thing I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold off on for much longer is a car. I’ve been driving Missus’s 2012 CRV since I got rid of my Fusion during the COVID lockdown, but I’m really itching for a new mode of transportation. I’ve been dreaming about souped up BMW M8s; older, antique sport cars (manual only, of course), to motorcycles and even electric scooters. Just something to give us options when one of us has the car.

I don’t think I’m going to do anything crazy, of course. Buying a new car with cash is out of reach right now, and I’m not taking a loan out. Insurance is another factor, not to mention the time or money I’d be obligated to spend on maintenance or detailing if I bought a $22k Subaru BRZ. I could save for that car in as little as three months, but it might just be better for me to get a bike or a beater, and go spend a day with Skip Barber to get it out of my system.

Plus even thinking about this before my taxes are done is kind of irresponsible.

To work.

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