Week end

It’s Friday, thank god. This week has been ok, but Younger has been home from school sick the last two days, and she had enough of a cough that Missus decided she didn’t need to go in today. Day one was ok, and fun, day two I just let her watch PBS all day, and today, well today I’m out of patience. All she wants is to eat, but of course she doesn’t want anything healthy that I cook. Nope. I managed to get her out for a bike ride on Wednesday to see Momo, and she’s been playing with her friends in the afternoon, but mostly she’s been building pillow forts in the den and getting mad at me when I tell her to clean up. We’ve already had a fight this morning, and I sent her to her room. Missus is telling me that she’s going to take over after 1PM so that I can get ‘deep work’ done, but there are meetings and town halls going on today.

I’ve been good this week. Wednesday night was a bit of bender, but the rest of the week I’ve been good. Missus wants to abstain from drinking this month, until we get to Hawaii, so it should be easier for me to refrain also. Still, tonight is Girls Scouts and game night, and my current habits and triggers might make me trouble. I do know that I’m pretty well rested and ready for some physical activity, but if I stay up tonight I’m not likely to be up for whatever challenges we have tomorrow. I had planned to go to the climbing gym, but there’s some sort of outdoor enthusiast event across town in the morning.

I’ve been running and biking this week, no weight training. I actually rode my bike to the store Wednesday with my three-day tactical bag and rode back with two sixers, some wings, and a loaf of bread. I’ve been trying to figure out if I can get some molle-compatible bags to connect to it, maybe something for a IFAK or other storage. I bought a 3L water reservoir this morning for it, but I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to take a laptop along with me. The idea of travelling with only a single backpack appeals to me, but then the challenge quickly becomes to figure out how much stuff I can pack or lash to it. I have to remind myself that I’m not going on any expeditions.

Life is good. Last week’s anxiety has resolved itself and things are pretty chill right now. Lots of important work to be done, but nothing is terribly urgent that it’s putting me out of sorts.

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