It’s Sunday night, tomorrow is Memorial Day, and the kids are going to bed. They have been on my nerves, fighting, arguing, bickering, generally acting like spoiled, persnickety brats. I guess I haven’t been the best dad, either, but I’ve been doing my best to do things with them, but I may just be too much of a crass asshole to raise children well. In the last few days I’ve taken the four of us to the rock gym, a bike ride at the park, and they’ve basically been getting away with murder the rest of the time.

I also bought a Novation Launchpad X and a one year subscription to Melodica, hoping that it will let me spend some time with the kids that doesn’t involve passively consuming content. I’ll admit that it’s mostly for me, but I’m hoping it’ll spur some creativity with the girls.

As I was writing, Elder came down to tell me that she was finished reading her book. I told her she could do Melodica for a few minutes, and she went right to it.

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