Mah Birthday

Yesterday marked the completion of my forty-third trip around the sun. It was also the first day I felt well in a week, following an overzealous Memorial Day celebration followed by influenza courtesy of Younger. I only managed five hours of sleep due to a combination of a late bedtime and taking an hour to fall asleep, so my first task for the day was taking a nap.

The girls greeted me with my first present when I woke up, a black t-shirt with a baby Yoda that said It’s My Birthday. I put it to good use during my meetings during work. I had a few meetings and a work session with a colleague, but I wasn’t productive. I wound up picking up a book on product management that was available on Kindle Unlimited, so I started reading that in the late afternoon between bouts of Tarkov.

I felt well enough to go for a run after the girls got home. It was in the mid eighties and I wasn’t fully recuperated according to my Whoop and wound up running 2.5 miles @ 11 min + pace. That was down quite a bit from my last jog, pre flu, when it was significantly cooler and I broke a 10-min mile for the first time in ages.

Dinner was a smorgasborg of leftovers. Our neighbors came over for cake. Missus had bought a bunch of inch-high Star Wars figurines and set them out among the plates, and we had an Oreo cookie ice cream cake. The kids played afterward and D. and I played the Dune board game, which we hadn’t played in like a year, so most of the time was spent going over the rules. I beat him in three turns, about what happened last time.

Missus was tired after all that, so she went to bed right after the kids went down. I decided to get myself a copy of Dune: Spice Wars and played that for way too long. I went to bed after 11, and it took another hour for me to fall asleep, so here I am again with five hours of sleep. No nap was forthcoming this morning though, I laid down and just couldn’t sleep.

I’m going to continue reading the product management book and force myself to actually implement what it teaches. There’s a lot that needs to be done to prepare for the dao launch; we’ve got about two months to prepare everything and I own this project so it’s success is on my shoulders.

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