Prepping for Disney

Well the last week has been somewhat ho-hum for me. The girls are wrapping up school on Friday and Saturday morning we get on a plane and head out for a week at Disney, so we’re preparing for that. I’m not really excited, I tend to save that energy for when we’re actually doing the thing, unlike Missus who turns into a nervous anxiety ball of cleaning and preparing the house. Younger is obviously happy, but I don’t think I’ve heard Elder express any feelings about it at all.

I’m no longer stinging from the loss of our Hawaii trip that we missed due to COVID. My swag bag came from work, a bunch of hats, t-shirts, and gear with Star Atlas Hawaii 2022 embroidered on it. So maybe I’m just trying to spare myself the emotional disappointment I experienced after that vacation disaster. Not that I think that anything will happen on this trip; I’m just not hyping it up in my head at all. I have no agenda for the trip or even thought about what I want to do. I paid for tickets to the park for three days, and we’ll probably spend the rest lounging in the hotel pool. No expectations whatsoever.

The broader economic and crypto markets are a dumpster fire. I don’t think I wrote much about the LUNA collapse last month. The news this last week has been about Celcius going insolvent, and now it looks like 3AC might be having issues as well. I’m personally surprised, but I still have funds on PerpFi, which is kinda strange because the spot market breached my liquidation price several times over the last couple days. I haven’t looked into it. Fifty thousand dollars, already down some thirty K. It’s just a number on the screen to me at this point. After getting liquidated on my ETH position earlier this year and losing money in the CREAM hack I’m already acting like these funds are lost.

I’ve been staying fit. I haven’t been jogging much, but did manage to get to the rock gym three times this last week. I went last Friday by myself, brought the kids on Saturday — and their cousins — and went again on Tuesday, where I pulled a small muscle in my hip that bothered me very much so. It’s mostly better, and I’m hoping I can squeeze another session in today, but I’m not sure it’s going to work with everything going on to get ready. I was also looking up gyms near Disney, you know, in case we get bored and want to go get a session in. Missus thinks I’m crazy, but I might bring my climbing shoes with me.

Work is going well. The team is working, and I’m trying to fill the gaps, writing marketing materials — or attempting to — and doing some CI/CD work to integrate testing into our Github process. I spent some time working on that yesterday but have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow for the end of sprint.

We also got new neighbors in the house catty-corner. A Puerto Rican Navy couple. They’ve got three kids close in age to ours, so I’m looking forward to becoming friends with them. That will have to wait until we get back from our trip.

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