Reality check

Fourth of July weekend was pretty nice. We went to my friend C’s house yesterday. He lives in this bougie neighborhood. Maybe Cleaver-esque is a better description. The neighborhood throws this parade, it was a firetruck, classic cars, and a bunch of families on bikes decked out with red, white, and blue. After it’s over they have hot dogs and pizza, and lots of sweets. It started at eleven so we had to leave the house a bit early, dragging Elder out the door. It was hot but after the event we made our way to C’s house, where we laid out by the pool for most of midday. Left early and got back to the house where Missus could relax and watch her shows, the rest of us played video games.

I was not very productive over the break. I cut the grass, spent as much time playing with the girls as I could, and spent the rest of the time playing Tarkov. My brother found a co-worker who plays, and I joined their Discord server where there was a pretty regular group of people playing.

I did manage to keep the girls from trashing the house. Well, for the most part up until yesterday. The place is in a bit of disarray right now, so they’re going to have to do some cleanup before they can watch screens. I was just about to say how I’m lucky my Monday morning schedule is light, but I just realized it’s Tuesday.

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