So I pushed myself yesterday. My Whoop said I was at 98% recovery, so I knew I had to do something intense. I hadn’t had a score in the 90s in weeks, so I had no excuses. It was really hot yesterday, running was out of the question, so I decided to do some mountain biking. There’s a park about half an hour from here that has a trail that I’d never done before, and I knew it was a bit advanced for the girls, so I went to go check it out.

It kicked my ass. I guess I should say that I kicked its ass, really, all seven plus miles of it. It did wear me down, I had to stop several times because my heart was racing, but I only think I walked the bike up one or two short sections. There were tons of fast sloping downhills that made it totally worth it. The first three miles were the toughest, as it probably got the most traffic; lots of exposed roots that made it a very rough ride. Once I cleared the switchback though it was a lot smoother, and there was a fast gliding section around mile five that didn’t require any pedaling. I went late in the day, before sundown, and it got a bit too dark for my first time out there, and I rode through countless spider webs, but it was exhilarating and I’m really glad I made it.

The rest of my day wasn’t as productive. Elder gave me a hard time as soon as she woke up, fighting with her sister. Younger gave me a hard time going down to bed, so there’s that. Elder also got accepted in the pre-algebra program for fifth grade, and we got a message from her school that we need to get her up to speed on her fifth grade math before the school year starts. So I told her that she needs to do IXL for twenty-five minutes a day and she did not like that and threw one of her fits. Missus said that we needed to give her some positive reinforcement, so I took her to DQ so that she could redeem a coupon she got as a reward from the library reading program.

Today I have some deep work on the schedule, although I’m not sure quite what my priority is for work. Personally, I’m way behind on our budget and need to get that, but my work focus is on shipping the dao.

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