So yesterday’s “flood” was anticlimactic. Ian, or what was left of it, turned, sparing us from any threat. This was after I went into full fledged daddy-bear mode, and wound up trying to prepare for the worst while my wife looked on bemusedly. D. wound up buying sandbags and a load of sand, so I helped him, even though he lives several houses further away from the river than us. I figured if he was going to need them then we were going to be hit very bad, but I gave him a hand anyways, filling bags to put in front of his garage doors. He even went back out and got a second load of sand so that we could put them down in front of mine. They were totally unnecessary.

So now I’m the proud owner of about thirty-odd sandbags, still laying in front of the garage. I’ll probably stack them up inside the garage somewhere — I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I’ll need them again.

I wasn’t able to do any work yesterday with the girls and D.’s kids stuck in the house all day. They weren’t too bad, but even on their best days I’m unable to concentrate on anything important, so I had to cancel my meetings for the start of the sprint. So that’s first on today’s agenda.

The last 426 event was a smash success. Our DAO update went off without much trouble, the team had prepped things well and we ran into a few wet paint issues that we quickly took care of. In all, we had almost one million dollars of ATLAS locked up within twenty-four hours of launch. I spent the last week working on some data analysis; the team knew what they had to do so I didn’t have to spent much time with my PM hat on, but I did want to have some basic metrics in place. I used Flipside Crypto’s SQL index of Solana transactions to pull data into a Colab notebook where I could manipulate it with Pandas. It was fun, and I’d like to do more with it, but I think I’ll be tied up with other tasks this week.

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