Mud and Sand

Younger was being very challenging this morning. She said she was tired so I was content to let her sleep in. I was tired also. She didn’t stay in her room for long, I caught her trying to slide out of her room on her belly. She was trying to stay below my line of sight — I can see her doorway and the hall as I lay on my side on the edge of the bed. I just had to raise my head a few inches and there she was, with her tablet, trying to sneak downstairs. I tried to coax her back to the bathroom to do her morning chores instead, but she fought me every step of the way. After I finally got her to school I saw that she had thrown sand and mud on the car in the one minute she was outside without me.

So the whole morning was thrown off, although it wasn’t really her fault. I stayed up late last night “doing research” as I call it now, culminating with a thirty dollar purchase on Steam. Today should still be productive though, I have plenty on my to-do list that I’m ready to get to.

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