Morning note

Another Friday rolls, around, and another Payday weekend. Money is burning a hole in my pocket, but I’ve been judiciously saving as much as possible. I already double my contributions to the shared account Missus and I use for paying bills, on top of another sizable chunk to replace our windows in the house. Another chunk goes toward a new car fund. And a lot is going into crypto, an amount that’s almost equal to my former salary. I’m buying a lot of BTC.

I’m watching the geo-political and macroeconomic news with a bit of distance. I’m not really paying attention to the news at all. National politics is of little interest to me right now, and while I voted early last week, I didn’t know several of the local candidates and left a few boxes blank. I’m more concerned with bond rates and Fed policy, and where things are going to break next. I was waiting for a collapse in the used car markets, but since I’m not actively shopping for anything yet I’m just relying on what comes up in my TL. The mortgage market is of more concern to me, there are rumors that some with adjustable-rates now find it cheaper to rent, and that may have some effect on housing prices.

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