This weekend was pretty damn good. We swapped babysitting with the neighbors, so the kids got lots of time together. I managed to keep them off their screens almost the entire time.

Friday night the T.’s asked if we could watch the kids so they could go on a date, I said sure, we’ll go out Saturday while you watch the kids. So we made camp in the back yard. We fired up the wood pit and had a blaze in the back, and heated up some leftover dogs and sausage. I even broke out a couple of the freeze-dried camp food so they could sample some of it. Verdict: the water didn’t quite reconstitute all the food, the beef stroganoff was tasty, but some of the noodles were still hard and the meat was quite chewy. The quinoa was not a hit either.

But we made s’mores, and the kids loved it. We had set up T.’s five-man tent in the back yard and the kids had an adventure. It got cold, and the T.s ran into traffic so they didn’t get back until after ten, and put the kids straight to bed.

The next morning, I slept in, then we went to a STEM-event that was geared toward girls, and both of mine had a great time. We picked up a pizza and drove to a park for a half hour for the girls to run around and eat it. Then we went home and Missus and I got ready for our date. We made late reservations for a wine bar, so we had a round at a new brewery, then got our dinner: martinis, several glasses of wine, delicious crabcake toast for app and a filet mignon to split, with some of the best Brussels sprouts we ever had. We made it back to the house with several hours to spare, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Sunday we were supposed to take the girls with us to a Breast Cancer awareness walk at the city park, but the girls got up and went to church before I got up. I figured they’d sleep in, but no. Missus and I went out there, and it was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and I was sad the girls weren’t with us. I had planned on bringing out bikes along so that we could take advantage of the trails. The walk itself was only two miles, and we made it back shortly after lunch.

The kids were watching TV at T.s when I got back, so I told them I was taking them for a bike ride to the park. All four of them. We had some issues getting the kids on the road. S., who’s Elder’s age, didn’t have a decent bike, so I tried putting him on Missus but he wasn’t able to handle it, so I had Elder swap with him. We rode to the park, about a mile and a half from the house, and the T.’s met us there with their younger kid. We spent an hour or two out there. I packed plenty of food and drinks. We had three bags total. I hit up the BMX track and the kids raced down hills and played on the playground, and explored the park.

I decided to treat them to dogs and mini-Blizzards at Dairy Queen, which involved another mile-long ride. The trip back was the most stress-inducing, as it involved riding down the sidewalk on the busiest street around, which we had to cross several times.

In short, I wore the kids out. I put over eight miles on my GPS, but the kids probably did six of that. I was real impressed with them all. I was totally beat last night. I pushed myself hard in spite of the carousing I’d been doing. I think my Whoop recovery was under twenty percent.

I slept good last night. It’s my week to take the girls into school, so I have to refrain from staying up too late at night so that I can get up early and be a hundred percent.

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