Well I am still excited to wake up and work, and why wouldn’t I be? Working for a startup in one of the hottest segments of gaming and crypto? I am part of one of the best teams in the space, working on cutting edge projects with a lot of smart people.

I’m working on developer relations this week, which mainly means writing documentation for our code. Our developers each have their own ‘style’, and we quickly need to develop our own style sheet for the team, or at least our own interfaces.

I wish that TDD was a thing, for the most part we’ve been flying along at warp speed, bringing in auditors to validate things before we put money in them. We’re starting to catch up now, and I’m thankful that I’ve got a dedicated QA resource on our team.

My ideal workflow would look something like this:

Feature is requested; voting, analytics whatever signaling is used to prioritize; planning starts with an eye for design (UX and program), blockchain and web, QA, infra, comms/revops, docs, analytics and BI. Program design should specify the IDL as early as possible, to pipeline with web. Rustdocs should be required to make sure that admin and public functions are documented – this information can later be used for devrev, but makes a handy tool for the web and analytics teams.

I also have some funky ideas for the dao that I need to get down in a less public place.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in code editors, not writing code, but reading through our repos so that I can understand everything that’s going on with my areas of responsibility. The real fun, however, starts when I start poking around outside of it.

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