Morning notes

I’ve spent the last few days in a bit of a rabbit hole, generating rustdocs, typedocs, and trying to get an overall sense of how all the code in our main program repo is put together. It’s a bit of a slog, but I’m learning things. Especially from my mistakes. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday trying to figure out how to streamline the process of going from a Solana program written in Rust to a Typescript one, and then on to some sort of documentation structure. It’s slow going.

There needs to be better automatic tooling to do this. Typescript requires many helper functions to interact with the on-chain tools: getters and setters for the Rust code, PDA generators and the like. There’s no consistency between our programs, and we keep pushing forward with new designs.

I’ve been able to spend the last week or two this sprint just digging in from the outside, not just my team’s code, but the other programs that are already finished or still in development. And I’ve got so much to learn about the way monorepos work. We’ve got one repo for rust code, another for the TS code (factory) and yet another or React and other tools that use these bindings. I don’t spent nearly enough in these repos from day-to-day, so it’s driving me a bit mad to be looking at these now.

On some level I feel like I’m procrastinating, trying to avoid some other task that’s more important, but I’m not sure what it is other than the reports and presentations that are due this week. The team has been doing their own thing, behind the scenes work, and I guess part of me feels like we don’t have enough to show, so I’m stepping out of my lane to see what my beginner’s mind can come up with. Unfortunately it’s lead me down some dead ends. Still, I feel like I may have picked up a couple of useful things that might be worth sharing.

Other than that, the week is going by smoothly. I lie, yesterday was a bit of a mess, and my back has been hurting over the left shoulder for some time now. I don’t know if it’s posture, or the result of climbing and biking, or whether it’s from lack of weight training. It’s just starting to get on my nerves.

The weather is chill, but the skies are clear, and life is good.

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