Well I sent Missus out in style yesterday, I left her at the train station — to catch a bus — for her training. I managed to get both the girls out of the house this morning without yelling, although Younger tested me when I told her what she was having for breakfast. Elder woke up a bit earlier, and I had been promising to let her play with her mom’s old iPhone, so I had to set her up an account with that. She’s super happy but I told her it’s not her phone.

Today is for project work, sprint retros and planning sessions. My big demo on Friday went over like a lead balloon. I may be catastrophising because I was anxious going into the demo. So I got cut off on my last slide, I had two people give me positive feedback so maybe I just keep pushing forward and stop worrying about it.

There’s work to do.

I spent all weekend playing Baldur’s Gate III. It is somewhat perfect, the culmination of the current blend of DnD 5e rules and isometric camera adventure games. I love it. Maybe it’s because I’m so deep into Dnd right now, reading Drizzt both to myself and out loud to Elder. I even found a stream on Spotify that has the audiobooks. I also picked up the first of the Dragonlance books as well.

So I wound up playing BGIII till 3AM Sunday morning, and got up with Missus to be her chauffeur at 7AM. We dropped the kids off at Momo’s and went to a GOTV event with the union and local congressional rep. By the time we got home with the kids we barely had time to take a nap before I had to take her back out to the train station.

Then it was just me and Elder at the grocery store. Myself, making promises and breaking them just as quickly just to get her to comply. It was challenging.

But I managed to get to bed at a decent hour, and although I haven’t meditated this morning I am focused and ready to do my job.

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