I’m running a bit late today. Younger and I got into a spat after I ripped out the insole from one of her shoes. The thin, upper lining had come loose and needed straightening each morning, so I thought it better to pull it out and be done with it. Younger did not agree.

Day one without Missus here went rather well. No drawn out brawling so far, and I managed to handle all my business yesterday. The girls talked me into letting them watch TV a bit later than my rule, but they did good cleaning and following directions so I let them. I still had both of them down by nine, giving myself a good two hours to play BGIII and watch Andor.

Elder is loving “her” new iPhone, although I haven’t installed any apps on it and it doesn’t have a SIM card. We seem to be able to send messages with to other Apple IDs as long as she is connected to wifi. I think the recipient may also need to be, we haven’t quite worked out the bugs. I got to keep a real close eye on her, but I’m showing her how to use calendar and reminders, and letting her take pictures and such. We’ll see how it goes.

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