Getting my story straight

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and he’s the only one who can hold me accountable for my drinking, so I’ve been good this week. No alcohol this week. I’ll likely keep it up until our trip to Costa Rica, which as been on my mind also.

I slept better last night, some trouble, but my body is adjusting to the earlier bedtime. Seasonal affective disorder and all that, probably. Order vitamin D. Pronounced not with a long I sound as in “eye” but a short one that rhymes with “fit”. Vit-amen, the way Mo says it.

Mo asked me how I was doing, like Mitch did. I’m fine, none of this is affecting me at all. I’m just putting my head down and doing what I can while everyone else does what they need to do. Tight resources, DIY spirit. Make do. Good enough to move on: GETMO is my motto.

I talked to Todd yesterday. Like me, he has addictive personality. We have destructive history, since we were teens. He gave up drinking but got hooked on the crypto casino. Chasing shitcoin mints on Ethereum, trying to beat the bots. Problem is he’s not disciplined, I told him, you don’t go in with a plan and you don’t know when to get out. So your emotions get in the way and you stay in to long and miss your chance.

Quit chasing the dragon, I told him. Find a project that you believe in and contribute. You don’t have to learn coding, there’s all kinds of PR/HR type of stuff that one can do to contribute. Better yet, bring crypto into the real world. He’s worked in it, knows things that people don’t. I tried to distinguish his greed from the actual promise of bitcoin. You can’t just opt out of the future of the financial system, I said. Gave an example of what Strike is doing with BTC payments, do something like that. Just like selling in-home water filters, bitcoin ATMs.

Todd didn’t ask how I was doing. Knew I’d tell him anyways. It was my call; he texted me asking about Kraken layoffs. FTX didn’t get me, saw the .com contagion and got everything I could off the .us site while I could. Lost a bit because of ACH transfer clearing. Should have known they were tight when they went from 10 to 15 day clearing. Figured it was because of fraud.

I lost most of my money in April, or should have anyways. If Perp hadn’t gotten hacked I would have been liquidated. Pretty much got lucky on that one, else I would have gone down with my fervid belief that sub 20K was unlikely. Silly me. So I got the fuck out of everything and to my hardwallets. I may be a bit fuzzy on the timing, but I think I may have seen Voyager go down — only some ADA and LINK, not much — and got my funds out of BlockFi ASAP.

But things are good. I’m fit and healthy, I got no money problems — yet. I told Todd I don’t care what else is going on, all I care is that one breath follows another. Everything else is fine with me. Sure, I fight with people and get upset about things, and my body will eventually fall apart, but right now is all I got to deal with, and right now is just perfect.

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