I’ve been somewhat manic the last few days, having finally gotten a real chance to play with GPT through the wonderful chatGPT. It is AMAZING. I’ve been playing with it rabidly, exploring what it can do and how it can be leveraged as a personal digital assistant. The model knows a lot — it was trained off of wikipedia and other various library models, so it can talk about anything. And its really good at making things up. Here an example:

I’ve been working with Diffusion Models the past couple weeks and they’re fun, but I’ve been meaning to take a closer look at GPT-3 to see what it can do. chatGPT makes it super easy. And the results are amazing.

I’ve already managed to hook GPT-3 up to a Discord bot and have been doing some experiments with prompt overlays — where the my base prompt is injected on top of the user request. I’m using it as a bit of game master for a role playing game. I actually used chatGPT to help me code and troubleshoot the system. I’ve got a lot of work to do on it but it’s very, very interesting.

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