Exploring gpt-index

Good morning! It’s Monday, July 9th, and I’m up nice and early this morning.

I attended my the funeral for my childhood neighbor Dave on Saturday. It was a bittersweet experience. It was great to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in 20 years, but it was an emotional roller coaster. After the funeral, I broke my dry January and had a few drinks. Despite this, I still managed to get home safely.

Sunday was a busy day. The kids went to church and my wife and I did some cleaning around the house. I also worked on Starseer and we had the chance to play a Dungeons and Dragons adventure game with the kids. It was great to see them getting the hang of it and enjoying the game.

What I’m really excited about today is what I discovered over the weekend: a GPT index repo. Since the release of chat GPT, I’ve been trying to build a context management system. However, chat GPT index has pretty much got it covered. I’ve got to build a system that can index the directory and figure out how to arrange all the directories. I built the first test around the console version of this and I’m looking forward to seeing how it pans out. I’m also working on an electronic module to convert the Dungeons and Dragons game into a Star Atlas theme adventure. For now, I’m going to keep this information close to the chest.

Finally, I’m going to document the analytics code I used for the DAO, prepare it for public release, and also work on open sourcing the player profile. I’m also looking into incorporating a pause button into my whisper-mic fork so that I don’t have to kill it every time somebody walks in the room.

To kick off the day, I’m using whisper and GPT to dictate and write this blog post. I’m not using the raw response today, this post was slightly edited from the GPT response from my ‘blog helper’ prompt in Playground.

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