Taking Breaks: A Reflection

Yesterday was productive, although I was a little bit impatient with myself. I imagined progress would be faster than it has been, considering I now have GPT index at my disposal. I got a little frustrated, so I stopped working and just let my brain do its thing.

I had to stay off the computer all afternoon, because there’s so much information and so much going on—reaching maximum cognitive load for the day, for lack of a better term. So, I just needed to offload some of that during sleep. Hopefully Starseer will help with some of that today.

One good piece of work we did yesterday was that we have the console running now to an index. The way this thing is supposed to work in the future is that you’ll install the source code and you’ll run the application and basically start with a blank buffer waiting for its first command. We do need to do a little bit of prompt engineering because the indexer has a default query that’s something like use the context provided, answer the question, do not use prior knowledge.

So the way I have it, the way it should be working now, is that I turned it on. It has all the previous console commands that it loads up in a list vector, and it’s basically just me giving commands to the computer. No responses are being recorded.

This morning I want it to recursively load its main file, which is going to be just main.py at this point. I’ll give it some directions, a little bit of prompting as to what Starseer is and directions to read the source code and provide the next step. I should probably provide it with unit tests, because the unit tests will actually teach it what to write. So basically the loop is going to be something like this: okay, here’s the source code and unit tests, here’s what we’re building or here’s a particular user story, write a unit tests that can be incorporated into the code, and then after it does that, write the function. Then we’ll just start iterating like that.

A little personal anecdote: it was like 30 degrees this morning when I woke up, my youngest and the car wouldn’t start. I tried to charge it using the battery cable jumper, but it wouldn’t turn over. So we rode our bikes to her school and it was super cold, and my back tire was flat. She was a trooper though, so I woke up, meditated, and Berkeley woke up before I started. She was trying to shop on Amazon for furniture for her spy school. We argued a little bit about that and I’m still thinking a lot about Dave’s funeral and kind of how I acted. I’m trying to put it out of my mind, as meditation would suggest. I don’t feel good about breaking dry January and I don’t feel good about driving home, so I consider myself lucky.

`Got into a fight with my dad, apparently. That’s probably what’s bugging me the most—how to resolve that. So I sent a text message to my dad, my way of apologizing. We’ll see what happens.

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