A Sunday Morning Reflection

It’s Sunday morning, January 15th, and not even eight o’clock yet. It’s very unusual for me to be up this early on a Sunday, let alone doing a journal entry, but I woke up pretty early this morning and just kind of laid in bed.

Saturday went well. My mom came down Friday and after the last recording we had a celebration of Star Outlaces two-year anniversary. After my mom got here, we went to pick up the girls and then we ate and drank. We played Dungeons and Dragons actually last night, or Saturday night. It was a very, very condensed version. I didn’t want to subject Nana and Missus to 16 rounds plus of the two hour Dungeons and Dragons adventures game, but we managed to just do the beholder 1-4 and it still took us an hour. It still proves my point that the Star Outlist RPG adventure is a good idea.

There was a free game called GameDec (short for Game Detective) on Epic Games. I started playing that and it’s a wonderful kind of asymmetric adventure game and real engine, I guess you would call it like 2.5d.

We did additional tests with Starseer here and GPT index over the weekend. GPT index had a new release that adds PDF reader, and there’s some other functionality. I think it does like web pages now, simple web pages, but we did manage to load up the master agreement between the union and the VA. I was able to query it and it worked actually pretty well. It did use a lot of tokens, so it’s a long document. Still, I think my API usage was less than a dollar yesterday.

We need to focus on like the command line interface, building a GUI to kind of manage some of the stuff. I’m still creating these indexes manually. I still have not been able to compose a recursive index yet, so I think maybe I can work on that today hopefully.

We went roller skating yesterday. We took our friends, whom I’ll start referring to as my cousins because Dan and I have that kind of relationship. We took the cousins down to the roller skating rink and had fun. We were mainly out there trying to figure out how to do like hockey turnarounds or whatever you call it, just trying to get comfortable spinning and stuff.

After that, Nana left about one o’clock. The kids went out to play with their cousins and we just kind of chilled. The house is kind of needs some cleaning up, but it’s not too bad. I am gonna do some work today. I’ve had some thoughts about how the indexing process in the summary. What I did do is I’m not sure I’ve talked about before making file documents from the indexer and kind of putting the original path and the original hash of the dock. I really want to focus on indexing GitHub repos and file systems. If you’re indexing a file folder, it should check to see whether it’s in a GitHub repo and if it is, it should have to get the hash of the repo.

I don’t want to call it directly from the command line, obviously, but we should be able to get some sort of information file hashes, whether it’s changed, and then maybe even have some kind of like file watching system that it automatically re-indexes data when it changes. But that use case might be a little much for what we’re doing.

The test with the union agreement proves some valid theses that we’re gonna be alright. If we can create a user interface that’s as user-friendly as GPT, we should be able to create a grievance intake form or intake process where the website actually prompts the user for information. Please guide them with questions until we’ve refined the data that the grievance form needs, and then examine the user’s problem against the master agreement.

Yeah, I mean we start there, but there’s still a lot of work to do. I want to see if I can get these transcripts through some kind of process. The one thing I’m trying to figure out is how accurately we can regurgitate a document. Like this transcript goes over 2,000 tokens, or 4,000 tokens. I mean if the transcript stays under 2,000 tokens, it’s really easy to just have that window. I don’t think that indexer is gonna be the end-all-be-all for this type of stuff. There needs to be some other kind of like workflow, kind of like task passing. Here’s an index file, it’s been transcribed, run this query on it, run this on it, and then once that’s done then you can index it.

Tomorrow is a holiday, and we’re gonna try to go back up to the state park where I almost died from over-exercising. There’s free admission to the parks, and Misses wants to do something. I talked to the cousins about coming down with us, doing some bike riding, some hiking, packing a cooler with sandwiches and snacks and stuff, and just kind of hanging out there all day in the park which I think will be fun.

The girls are going to church here in about an hour and a half. I’ll see if my brother wants to play some video games and we’ll just chill till they get back. Maybe go to brunch with Misses, and we don’t really have to do anything today. Just relax and kind of chill. It should be chill.

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