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Morning journal entry, January 17. Time is 8.40. Girls just left for work since it’s Mrs. Work from Home Day on Tuesday. I took Younger in this morning. She wanted to ride her bike. It wasn’t too bad. It was about 44 degrees or so. So I wrote her in without too much trouble and made it back, meditated and here I am.

So I got about 20 minutes just to collect my thoughts. I had a lot I was thinking about during meditation today. I’ve got a busy day at work. Not a lot of time to work on other things this morning. So I’m not going to talk about that in particular for this entry.

Yesterday we took our neighbor/cousins, the T’s, to a state park. We packed a picnic and I got the bikes out. We took a walking trail and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. We had walkie-talkies so we could stay together and not get lost. We found this one little gorge that was beautiful where we had a large tree had fallen over and it kind of made this bridge across the ravine. We played on it for a bit and then took a picture. Afterwards, we ate some more and went to the playground. I took the two little girls on a bike ride around the lake which took us about half an hour. We had to push the bikes up the hill, but got to ride down which was pretty fast and fun.

Mrs. was ready to leave so we packed it up and headed back. It was pretty fun, although I wish we would have stayed longer. I was surprisingly sore in my legs given that it wasn’t that big of a deal. I slept great last night.

I want to talk about Starseer this morning. There’s a CLI tool that integrates with the GPT that I want to try. We also took another look over the weekend at the Discord bot that we have set up in our staging server. So, it seems to be working right now. We’re going to hopefully take some make some efforts on that, but I really want to spend some time planning what I do in the ML department in the AI ML department. This sprint we’re gonna need a demo by the end of the sprint so I need to figure out like what I can show now and what we can create that we can ship and actually demo. Maybe we focus on the Whisper pipeline and integrate it with Discord to make recording easier. There’s a channel in Discord where people can go into, they can get the help commands from the channel and they can hit a transcribe command. As they start talking it will record their audio and provide them with a text document.

The house is a mess. We’ve just destroyed it after we got home last night.

I am trying to get the girls to do some more video stuff. We started recording one of their science experiment kits over the weekend and gave them cameras for the trip to the park. Just trying to figure out how we want to operate, like with all these PCs and Macs and iPhones and Androids. It’s kind of a mess.

I think I’m gonna break here and get to work on work stuff because we got 10 minutes till nine.

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