Lawsuits filed agains US Government

[From Salon] Four Britons who were held at Guantanamo are suing Donald Rumsfeld and other US military leaders for torture that they recieved while being held there. The men are suing for about $11 million each.

I’ll just keep my mouth shut here, but this next one is very interesting.

Here is a PDF file of a recently filed lawsuit brought against most of the entire Bush administration; it starts off by claiming that controlled demolitions brought down the world trade center, that it was a missle attack that damaged the Pentagon, not an airliner, that Bush et al had ample warnings about the attacks and that flight 77 was shot down. That’s just for starters. The lawsuit continues to accuse the media, the Bush II administration and the Enterprise (war companies profiting from the War on Terror) of conducting an exercise in propaganda with the “official story”. It accuses the entire Bush family and administration of conspiring to actively bring about 9/11 as a new Pearl Harbor in order to promote this Enterprise, getting a blank check from the American people to promote a war of American aggression.

The lawsuit goes on, saying that the 9/11 commission makes the Warren commission look like a bastion of truth-seeking, brings up Operation Northwoods as supporting evidence.
The lawsuit calls for a trial by jury.

I tried to Google some more information but only came up with the orginal Metafilter post and this here. Has anyone heard anything about this from the mainstream?

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