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For your Friday music goodness I’m posting links to various online music sites I’ve come across over the years. Hope you enjoy!

Betalounge – is a SanFran electro lounge that’s been laying the beats down since `96. They don’t broadcast as much as they used to, but their archives have more music than you could ever listen to. This site requires free registration to listen to but it is worth the trouble. Most sets last between 3-5 hours.

Bassdrive Jungle music is a subset of drum and bass techno, I call it electronic heavy metal. It is the sickest, heaviest, bass pounding destructive force of man ever devised. Make sure you’ve got a good subwoofer for this one.

Just Concerts Ahoy to our northern brothers. CBC Radio Canada has an extensive archive of live concerts and studio sessions of some of the best bands out there today. From Franz Ferdinand to Fila Brazillia to TV on the Radio to other artist that you’ve never heard of but should have, this has everything. Do yourself a favor, pick a band at random and enjoy the rest of your day.

XFM Take a trip across the ocean and hear what radio sounds like in London on a Friday night. It really puts American radio to shame. Not only can they say what they want, but they have been known to broadcast some of the most slammin club beats mixed by some of the best dj’s in the world.

Last.FM Touted as the last radio station you’ll ever need. Sign up, start random radio and the system does the rest. They play a random song, you either let it play, skip the song, or ban it altogether. The system remembers what you like and builds a profile of your musical tastes, comparing it to others that like the same music. Over time it will start to give you exactly what you need: great new music that you’ve never heard and classic tracks you already love. It’s quite ingenious really, and I love it.

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