We all need a break: Day 52

Well, I’ve done it. Last night I turned in what is hopefully the final assignment for my undergraduate career. I’m still awaiting final confirmation from my instructor, and hopefully tomorrow I will have my diploma conferred over to me and I will be a full-fledged computer scientist! The waiting is killing me.

It’s been very hard to focus these past few days. It’s hard enough keeping the kids from killing each other, seems like I’m constantly intervening to keep them from interrupting my wife’s phone therapy sessions upstairs. Add to that the craziness with the Bitcoin halving happening, and I’m barely able to stay focused on anything acutely work related. The last two days have been crazy. BTC’s runup from nine to ten thousand over the past 48 hours has been quite well for my IRA. My GBTC position is back in the green, and my other positions that I entered following the COVID drop last month have put my account in all-time high territory.

Of course the main question right now is whether this is a fool’s rally or not. The halvening is scheduled for Tuesday next week, and it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen. I’m extremely optimistic, long term, anyways, and currently eyeing 15K before I plan on taking profits from GBTC. My BTC target is 2.88 times the Mayer Multiple, currently about 8800, or about 25.4K. Of course a new ATH would likely cause us to surpass this quickly, and an the longer it takes us to get to one the higher my target will be. Ideally it will be somewhere around 40-50, but that could take months or even into next year.

BTC has been playing around either side of the 10K level for the past half day or so, and it seems that alts are having a bit of a rally. ZRX and BAT are up 40 and 25 percent right now, and the daily trade volume on IDEX is up 10x since the last time I took a look at it. My stake is up and I might actually make some money this year off it if things keep up.

Yesterday, my boss told the team that we were out of runway, and that he didn’t think we would make it through next month. I felt absolutely no anxiety about it whatsoever. It probably had something to do with the fact that I was staring at a green number bigger than my monthly salary in my IRA account, or the fact that we’ve got close to six months rent and utility expenses saved up in our joint account.

Yesterday we did a friendly neighborhood bike trade with our neighbors down the street. They’ve got several small children, and since Younger has almost outgrown her balance bike, we were able to swap for a larger pedal bike. I actually took the training wheels off of it and she’s been riding it today, although she’s not very confident about it and is a bit skittish on it. I’m still so proud of her.

That said, this week has felt pretty long. I can’t wait for Missus to sign off work cause keeping these kids occupied is pretty tiring. It’s hard to be a good dad when they don’t listen to anything I say. I had to withhold TV this morning just to get them to clean their room, and they never even had lunch today because they wouldn’t empty the dishwasher. Younger drew on the kitchen table with a Sharpie, so I threw every marker in the trash can. There’s been more yelling and screaming today, but at least the kids aren’t physically fighting. I’ve been doling out lots of spanks today as well, but thankfully more DadPoints. Elder’s on her class Zoom call and doing Khans while they read Harry Potter in the background. I told her it’s the only way she’s getting more TV today. Younger took the iPad upstairs to watch PBS, so I’m going to go get her right now for another try on the bike before I start cooking tenders.

We all need a break.

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