Sixty Days to Six Figures: Day 1

I am chomping at the bit waiting for some sort of notification from the University that I am no longer an undergraduate! Last night I checked my online degree plan and there it is:

* Not an official record, heh.

So I am done! I’m not sure what the logistics are for the conferral of the degree, and I’ve received nothing in my email about what to expect. I just fired off a quick email to see if there was something else I should expect before I go announcing it on LinkedIn or whatever.

I originally wasn’t planning on walking. I’m too cool, I suppose. Commencement was moved to December anyways. I know some of my classmates are disappointed, as they had family members who had already reserved hotel rooms and the like. So the University is trying to make up for it with some efforts on social media. Oh well, I’ll suppose a still of my name on a video posted by the official school account will have to suffice until I get some sort of certification notification and my diploma comes in six weeks.

I’ll admit I’m slightly anxious that I didn’t see anything from Financial Aid after they added my one hour of independent study. I had anticipated paying three or four hundred for the cancelled boot camp, and I haven’t seen a bill yet. I can’t imagine that they’d just gift it. I imagine that I’m going to see an email in like two weeks with an “oh, by the way….”

One thing I did realize after checking all my requirements is that I actually have sixteen credit hours more than I needed for graduation. That means I could have graduated more than a year ago and saved close to ten grand if I hadn’t gone for my minor. I don’t even care about cybersecurity anymore. I think I got caught up in the Governor telling everyone there were some thirty or eighty thousand cyber jobs in the state that were going unfilled. Que sera.

I think it’s better to be graduating now though. There would have been no way for me to do that while I was running for office anyways. I would have needed to stop classes. Plus I think it’s fitting to be starting out on the next act of my life when the world is falling apart. They say a recession is one of the best times to start a new business, so this must be the best time in living memory. Plus I think think the significance of the upcoming Bitcoin halvening cannot be underestimated.

To reiterate the current plan: after announcing my graduation on my normie social accounts and updating my resume, I’m going to make some revisions to my resume and start applying to all the low-hanging fruit out there. There’s a lot of details to work out, how much time I spend per week, how much time I spend on customizing each resume and/or cover letter for each company. I may want to pay for a LinkedIn pro account so I can figure out how to game that. I want recruiters to call me. I have a shortlist of clients and projects I want to complete, to which I will block off at least two hours a week. I’ll track time in Harvest to keep myself disciplined an honest.

I was going to call it Ninety Days To Eighty K, but that seems too weak. Let’s up the game and call it Sixty Days to Six Figures. (It’ll make a better post title on Medium and get ton’s of income.) Anyways, that’s forty grand more than what I’m making now. If keeping taking on retainer clients at two-fifty a month, that means I need thirteen of them, and twenty six hours of project work a week.

I’m probably listening to the fear that’s telling me I’m not going to be able to secure a full-time, six figure job while working from home in the midst of a pandemic, or maybe it’s guilt or laziness. Either way, there’s a cacophony of voices that are telling me why it can’t be done or why I wouldn’t want it. But I do. I want financial independence and to be debt free. I want the car to be paid off, I want the student loans to be gone, I want the mortgage gone. I want to be able to walk away from everything with my family for a month and go anywhere without having to worry about responsibilities.

Is Bitcoin to deliver that freedom? Probably. What if I’m wrong? How quickly can we pay off two hundred and seventy thousand dollars in debt? Can Bitcoin hit six figures in the next four years? Can it hit half of that? Would I even want to sell my holdings if it did?

Anyways, today starts the next act. Let’s begin.

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