They say a writing must have a point, sometimes I sit down to write and have no idea what it is I want to say. It’s another beautiful day here at the house. We’re expecting some thunderstorms in a bit and plan on going swimming at my sister in law’s later this afternoon. My dad came over for breakfast which I cooked on my outdoor griddle: bacon and sausage, hashbrowns, crepes, and eggs. The girls are watching The Last Airbender movie, and I’m just trying to figure out how I can relax with everything that needs to be done.

Friday evening was party-time. I picked up beer and hot wings from the grocery store, then played Factorio until it was time for the girls to go to bed, which took forever, sans gummies. I let Elder stay up till ten playing House Flipper, while I played Between the Stars, a new space RPG. I’m of a mixed opinion about it right now, but I’ve only really played through the prologue. It’s not bad for early access. One of the subquests had some stilted writing, so I actually rewrote it and submitted it as a bug report. Heh.

I haven’t been on social media in several days. I was peeking over Missus’s shoulder this morning while I read the paper and saw that Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence. It seems the rule of law is officially dead in the US. I’m not really sure that it matters, given what’s happening with COVID around the country. I pulled up my Medium feed this morning and most of the articles were pointing out that we’re at the point now that it’s going to be permanent part of American society for the foreseeable future.

The basic argument is that not only did Trump not have a plan and allowed us to succumb to the virus, but he’s actually encouraged his followers to go out and get it. We’ll likely not have a federal response until late January, if we’re lucky, and by that time will be too late. As a result, we’re effectively the world’s pariahs now. Most countries outside the Caribbean have closed their borders to US citizens, so there’s nowhere to go either. Perhaps the best line I read was “Trump did as he promised, and built a wall around America and made the world pay for it. We just didn’t realize that we’d be trapped inside.”

I am still struggling with setting up this damn staging site for my WordPress client. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m guessing it has something to do with Inmotion hosting. I spent an hour yesterday messing around with it before I realized that their system wasn’t generating the necessary .htaccess file for PHP to work. The ‘deploy staging site’ function has been running for over twelve hours now, and I have no idea if anything is running or not. This is taking way too much of my time, I’m running up on my self-imposed deadline, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Cancel the job, move the site completely? It’s hard to decide when so much is out of my control.

Focus on what is in my control, I suppose. There’s just so much to be done, and writing doesn’t move it any further toward being complete. Except the writing tasks of course. The wall across from me is a mess of Post-It notes, most of them are starting to lose their stick and keep falling on the floor. Moving daily tasks back and forth isn’t really cutting it. Figuring out how to manage it better is a meta-task all in itself. We’ll have to figure out a way to move the daily recurring stuff out into a separate lane.

I promised Missus a weekly meeting, so it’s time to break out the Trello board and start refactoring what we’ve got there. More and more and more to do.

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