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It’s almost ten at night, and I’d rather be relaxing, but I didn’t write this morning and I feel like it’s important to keep my streak going. The past twenty four hours have been really busy. I made a trip to the hardware store in preparation for my deck rebuild, and today was a flurry of activity to get the house ready for our dinner party, which just ended about an hour ago.

I did a full day of work yesterday, then went to several hardware stores. I stopped by Lowes to get the tools and supplies I had ordered to rehab the deck, and then had to stop by another store to get the top rails. I also picked up three eight foot two by twelves to make a raised bed for Missus’s new gardening hobby, and I almost made a big mistake by picking them up in the Honda CRV. The hatch on Missus’s crossover has no hooks to tie it down for hauling, which I should have remembered, so I tried tying it down with some twine I had brought. It was too thin, and I hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot before it snapped and the hatch flew up. I tried again, looping three times over the hatch before taking off, driving home under the speed limit with my hazards on the entire way. Every time I went over a bump I feared that the twine would snap. I made it home without incident.

After I unloaded I cracked open the first bottles from initial batch of Mr. Beer home brew. It came out great. I spent the evening playing video games, as I’ve been doing the last couple Fridays: Between the Stars, Factorio, and I finally went and bought TS-1000, which is basically a computer assembly code simulator. At some point I figured out that season three of Dark was available on Netflix, and then all hope was lost. I wound up going to bed after two-thirty in the morning, having watched four episodes of the show, half of the final season.

I managed to sleep in past nine, managing to keep my cool even when the girls woke me up in the morning. I let Missus sleep in longer while I tidied up the kitchen and started putting a list of things we needed to do before we had our guests over. I scrubbed down the deck, tidied the yard and even wound up taking Younger to the grocery store to do some shopping. This last task was a huge tactical mistake. I wound up forgetting the grocery list in the car, and wound up spending some two hundred and thirty dollars while there.

Then our friends the G.s came over. We’d seen them once in the three years since they had moved to Key West, and we were glad that they have moved back. Elder and their oldest daughter had been friends since preschool, and we had a really great evening. The kids did the slip and slide while us parents drank beer and caught up, then we made pizza for the kids and I cooked some veggie burgers on my outdoor griddle. Then we let the kids watch a movie while we played a round of Catan. Missus won.

Everyone had a good time, and we can’t wait to have them back. Now the kids are asleep, and my fatigue is starting to set in. I think I’m going to wrap up here, go lay down in the bed with a book and turn in early. The kids will be up soon enough.

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