Roller coaster day

Last night was a full moon, Missus caught a picture of it off the front porch as it peeked out from behind a cloud before we went to bed. I knew I was going to have trouble sleeping, I was caught up, and sober, a knew my mind was going to give me a hard time without the drink. I took a melatonin, even though I knew I was probably going to wake up too early and not be able to fall back asleep, and that’s exactly what happened.

When I woke at five the moon had traversed all the way around the house, and was shining brightly in the bedroom window. I tried in vain to go back to sleep, but couldn’t manage fifteen or twenty minutes before I was awake again, and finally got out of bed. Might as well make the best out of it, I thought. I was overdue for a workout, and needed to work my bad knee to keep it in place.

Listened to a couple podcasts while working out. Finished up George Dyson on Team Human. The intro was more interesting to me, a tribute to neuroscientist Mark Filippi, who had passed away. Filippi had a theory that the phases of the moon influences human emotions, based on the phase. There are four neurotransmitters that cycle with the moon. The full moon is when serotonin is dominant, and supposedly gives us more energy and creativity. The waning moon, the last quarter, is the dopamine phase, linked to pleasure and enjoyment. The new moon is the noradrenaline, which makes us defensive, and is when people are more fearful and irritable. As the moon returns in the first quarter, we’re supposedly more receptive to other people (acetlycholine), and we have energy, but not much focus. Good for inspiration, but not detail-work.

That’s the theory anyways. Rushkoff, the host of Team Human, says that he tries to schedule his work around these lunar cycles, writing during certain weeks and editing during others. I’m not saying I buy it, but maybe I’ll start paying attention to it and see if I notice anything.

After that I started an episode of The Breakdown, this one a reading of The Complete Case for $100K Bitcoin. As I was listening, my phone beeped with a Trading View alert. We had just hit an ATH on Coinbase! I checked the TV chat long enough to see all the self-congratulation, and posted “can I quit my job now!” and finished my workout. By the time I had finished the workout and checked the price again, it had already dumped a thousand dollars.

I meditated, hung out with the girls and got ready for work. Premarket was down, looks the markets were going to take back some of yesterday’s historic gains. But as the morning went on, the dip had been bought back up a couple hundred short of the ATH, and by the time the market was open I was up a few grand.

The rest of the day was more whipsaws of volatility. I was nearly at breakeven at one point and finally stopped looking at Twitter and Trading View around lunch, after I’d dispensed with my day job duties. I needed to get some work done on Ether Auction. I stopped to look at my balance at the end of the day, and was up back to where we had started. Huh.

It’s really incredible. To think that in six months I’ve doubled my retirement account, and thought it would take me another two decades to save up as much. I had been resigned to working for my entire life, but now it seems that financial independence is within reach, and in the next few years. Remarkable.

Bitcoin to $100K seems like it’s going to be a cakewalk by 2024. Three hundred seems much more likely, at least for a peak. And I know it’s way too early to look beyond that, but it seems likely that five hundred or one million in the next five to ten years will happen. And beyond that, if I’m still around, who knows. Bitcoin will change the world.

Lord knows it’s already changed my life.

There’s one more thing I’ll share, a piece called Bitcoin Astronomy, about how bitcoin as a global reserve currency will become a driver for human expansion into space. It’s far out.

Even though we hit the Coinbase ATH today, and I truly consider all records broken, my bottle of Glenfiddich 15 still remains in the cupboard. I think celebration is a bit premature. I’m going to wait for us to breach the level and close above it, not just a wick. That moment will really signal that we are on our way. One more touch ought to be enough to do the trick, and I’m guessing we will see it within the next week.

Fingers crossed.

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