Public traded psychedelic health companies

It’s been well over a year since we wrote about the prospects for legal psychedelics, and a lot has happened since then.

A reply to this Tweet led to a bit of discovery about some public listed companies that are involved in therapeutic psychedelic research. I’ve known about Compass Pathways for a month or two now, since their listing as the first company in the space to get a listing on NASDAQ or NYSE. A few responses on Pomp’s tweet led me to a couple more, and I just finished researching all of the companies I could find. Most of them are Canadian, and have only been listed in the last two or three months as well. Most of them are available in the US on the OTC markets, so I’ve listed both the CSX and OTC tickers as applicable.

I believe this list is comprehensive, although I did not include any privately held companies, even the ones who are planning to go public. If I missed any, please let me know.

By market cap:

Compass Pathways ($CMPS): United Kingdom mental health care company. Received breakthrough therapy designation from the FDA for psilocybin therapy for treatment resistant depression in 2018. Developing a formulation of psilocybin called COMP360. Administration of the drug includes support from specifically trained professionals to support patients. Treatment involves prepraratoin sessions, a six to eight hour treatment session, and post-treatment integration session. Currently in Phase II trial. Listed in September of this year. Market cap $1.7B.

Mind Medicine ($MMED/$MMEDF): Canadian neuro-pharmaceutical. Just completed Phase 1 LSD study in Switzerland, testing LSD-assisted therapy for anxiety disorders, and other treatments. Went public via merger with Broadway Gold Mining. Also developing non-hallucinogenic version of ibogaine, regarded as a highly effective heroin cessation psychedelic. Market cap $515M.

Field Trip Health ($FTRPF): Canadian firm doing research on psychedelic molecules and therapies. Developing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy hubs across North America. Also has a digital arm building digital tools for consciousness expansion, including an IOS app. Just listed in November, Market cap $135M.

Numinous Wellness ($NUMI/$LKYSF): (Ticker was LKYSD, anagram probably related to Lucy in the SKY with Diamonds [LSD] before bding changed the current one) Canadian health and wellness firm centered on psychedelic therapies. Has cannabis testing license and a dealer’s license, which allows it to work with MDMA, psilocybin, DMT and mescaline. First Canadian public company to complete legal harvest of psylocybe mushrooms. Also operates a integrative health solution center. Listed in June 2019, market cap $64M.

HAVN Life Sciences ($HAVLF): Canadian biotech. Fungal derived products. Two Divisions, HAVN Labs and HAVN Retail. Product lines focus on immunity, cognition, stress and energy formulations. Also doing psilocybin depression study in Germany. Listed less than 60 days ago. Market cap under $40m.

Mind Cure Health ($MCUR): Canadian mental health and wellness company. Focus includes clinical research tech, nootropics (including psychedelic compounds), product discovery and supply. Sixty day listings. Market cap $22M.

Champignon Brands ($SHRMF): Canadian company involved in manufacturing of ketamine, distribution of psychedelic medicine and mushroom infused beverages. Several subsidiaries, including mushroom cultivation and psilocybin therapeutics. Listed this May. Market cap $34M.

Mydecine Innovations ($MYCO/$MYCOF): Canadian biopharma and life science company. Working on Phase 2A clinical trials of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat chronic PTSD in veterans and emergency medical personnel, with the goal of a FDA breakthrough designation. Ticker listed in April. Market cap $31M.

And for bonus points, this tidbit:

The first public company to gain FDA approval for a psychedelic-based treatment was pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ). The company’s Spravato esketamine nasal spray, which is used in conjunction with an oral antidepressant to treat treatment-resistant depression (TRD), gained FDA approval in March 2019.

Source: Psychedelics Transition from Experimental Treatment to Major Pharmaceutical Industry

Of course no sooner than I hit ‘publish’, I find that there is a Psychedelic Stock Index. Still trying to determine whether it’s available in the US.

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