My last post ended with “time to go relax”, and I think I overdid myself. There was a fair bit of debauchery. I was trying to avoid buying Cyperpunk 2077, so I went and spent sixty dollars on a EA Star Wars trilogy pack with three games on it. So I’m fully refreshed and looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

Yesterday, Missus made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. We made the mistake of leaving a tin of them on top of the microwave before we went to bed. I thought for sure that Younger was going to sneak downstairs before she went to bed to grab some. She actually waited until this morning.

She was sleeping with me and got out of bed before dawn. Missus and her regularly play ‘musical beds’ during the night, so I figured she was going back to her room, where her mom was sleeping. I fell back asleep for a moment and she came back in the room.

“Daddy, if Elder tells you that I was sneaking cookies she’s lying.” Yea, sure. I made her let me smell her breath, just as a test, I thought I smelled chocolate. I didn’t react, just rolled back over to see if I could grab another few minutes. It wasn’t to be. I went downstairs to check the cookies, and sure enough, there were only two left. Poor kid, if she hadn’t said anything to me about it I probably never would have noticed.

I didn’t punish her for it, but I did tell her that she couldn’t have any more cookies for the rest of the day, even though her sister could. She didn’t get it, and it set off a tantrum. It’s been one of those days. We’ve been having a lot of them lately. Younger doesn’t get out of the interaction that her older sister does at school, and she feel like she gets the short end of the stick as the little sister. She’s been having a hard time with it. There’s not a lot I can do till the vaccine is more widely available. I’ve been taking the girls out to the playground a lot — making them wear masks, of course — and we spent about four hours out there on Saturday. Beyond that and our Quaranteam family down the street, she doesn’t get much else in the way of social interaction. It drags on her, and us as well. She’ll start kindergarten next year, but it’s a long way to September.

Today’s markets were great though. My brokerage account was up the most it’s ever been in absolute terms. It was about eight percent overall, erasing all of last week’s downside and putting it a new all time high. Voyager ($VYGVF) absolutely killed it, apparently NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk joined as key advisor. $MARA and $ETHE were up as well, all three around eighteen percent.

Not much has been going on with my crypto trades. I got stopped out on my XBT margin trade on Kraken, so I’m done for the month. I still have an ETH trade open, but it’s been ranging since I opened it last Tuesday.

I have been deploying some USD funds that I have on my main exchange. I market bought some more YFI, as well as some AAVE. I still have about three weeks of DCA funds on there right now, so I’m trying to hold some for now until paycheck on Thursday. Twenty percent weekly right now.

I did blow through all of the mined ETH on everything I could get my hands on through Uniswap. I did a table of all the coins mentioned in the Messari 2021 report, and picked up one, $NOIA, that was mentioned several times. Also PowerPool ($CVP), Aragon ($ANT). And also a few that some of my degen PRIA follows mentioned: Unfederal Reserve ($eRSDL) and Reflect.Finance ($RFI).

I also spent some time working on Ether Auction today, although I didn’t get very far. My setup is sub-optimal, and I’m not sure how to go about setting it up more efficiently. I’ve got two repos open in ItelliJ, one for the contract and the Hardhat scripts, the other for the React app itself. So I have one terminal window open for Harhat node, another to run the deploy script. Then I have to delete the data directory for my Graph node, run docker-compose, then I have to create and deploy the subgraph itself. Then, I have to run React tools in another console, and the React app in another. It’s a bit painful.

I kinda hit a dead end trying to pull data from the chain directly through an Ethers provider, since most of the stuff I need is actually in the subgraph. Unfortunately I discovered a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) error that I’m tracking down right now.

Now the kids are in bed, and I’m ready to relax. I should probably go work out and work off some of these cookies…

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