Crypto Roundup

So today was an absolute blast again. Yesterday and today combined for almost half of my annual salary. Crypto is amazing and I can’t believe it. Of course I’m just talking about crypto-related equities for the most part, BTC and ETH really didn’t move much, not compared to what public equities did. More on that in a second.

I onboarded my brother today. He’s overseas and he called me for help with a computer component order and I told him I’d order it for him if he sent me some bitcoin in exchange. Turns out he had an Ethereum wallet that had been sitting untouched for a couple years, and he didn’t know how to open it. I helped him unlock it and got him to deposit it with BlockFi. I also remembered I had a couple hundred dollars of BTC and ETH in my phone wallet, which I am going to use to ape with, so WIN.

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The biggest move of the day appears to be Bitwise’s Top 10 Crypto Index Fund, $BITW, which was up some 39% today alone, over 250% in the last week. I’m a bit befuddled about the why though. I tweeted last week about how it’s basically Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap fund $GDLC, with a few extra tokens that account for maybe 5-10% of the total holdings. Not enough to make that much of a difference in returns. It also seems that BITW has a much higher premium than Grayscale. It almost hit 400% today.

I told you crypto is crazy.

$MARA was up almost 30% today, and Hive Blockchain ($HIVE/HVBTF) decided to join the party as well. Hive is a bit late, having finally matched their 2018 high. They’ve still got a ways before they’re back at their 2017 high but hey, at least I’m no longer underwater on my position.

And $MGTI had a 45% day, but they’re still down 99%, so let’s just forget about them.

Voyager Digital continues it’s meteoric rise. I truly wasn’t expecting it again today, but they keep making me feel like an investing genius. I shilled them again today cause they are making me a lot of money. I might actually have to open an account with them at this point.

As far as macro news goes, two pieces of news.

So yea, things are getting really exciting right now. I’m going to chill for tonight and hope gas prices come back down so I can make some more moves. For now, it’s time to chill.

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