Twenty Thousand

I woke up to find that Elder had already been up for almost two hours and had done all her morning chores including the ones that I usually have to nag her about. She really wanted to watch a show. BTC was hovering right below the line I had drawn at the ATH from earlier. So I did a little happy dance and told her to go ahead while I meditated. When I was done I went in the wife’s office and did a little happy dance and told her that today might be the day. I did a little happy dance. We talked about money for a few minutes and she told me that she might buy some bitcoin. She’s teased me in the past, but I did my happy dance anyways.

I sat down at my desk early cause I was too happy to do anything else, and I remember looking through alts. Missus came down and I was talking and clicked on the XBT price and thinking, “hmm, why is Kraken so much higher than… OH SHIT!” $20K it was.

The hardest part was getting my stuff together enough to hop on a call a half hour later with work to do our morning scrum. Amazingly, I did manage to get a fair bit of work done. It was hard though.

I did send out a few texts to my friends who I’d been shilling to, and wound up opening the bottle of scotch that I’d been saving for the occasion. Even Missus joined in on the occasion. At one point today I showed Elder a picture of the chart and she said “wow, a lot of people must be buying.” Yes, dear.

We’ve been rained in for a couple days, so the girls have been at each other’s throats. It got real bad today. In spite of all that, today was a net plus. Younger is working on her letters and drew a perfect “A”. And Elder got 100% on her reading test.

So ya, today was a pretty good day.

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