Mother Day

Today is Mothers’ Day, and ETH is almost $3900. All I can think about is flipping Star Atlas posters and Solana. This will be a short post, as I want to get a workout in before the girls start waking up. Missus has said on occasion that all she wants is to sleep in and a clean house, so that’s all I’m giving her. I was totally preoccupied with my dad’s surgery and hospital stuff that I forgot to by my Mom a gift, but Missus did it for me. So I really need to make things special for her.

ETH’s progress from the $2000 level has been rather short of amazing. My mining rig continues to crank out gwei for my never ending degen activities, but we’re reaching a critical point. I need to dump the GPUs as I’m sure they’ll be fairly useless soon, from a mining perspective. I’ve already decided that they’re too much trouble to keep up with the occasional failure, as I’d rather concentrate on other activities. Last week’s low gas let me ignore the issue, but yesterday’s recent spike to 300 while I was scrambling to buy my allotment of Star Atlas posters reminded me just how expensive things are going to be in the future. I wanted to transfer USDC to my FTX account and it was … $150?!

There is a lot of trash in my wallet, some degen coins that I bought for 0.05 ETH earlier in the year. They’re all effectively dust. Swap fees effectively means that anything less than $100 is dust, and that number is going to get progressively higher over the next two months. I’m not sure that the launch of Optimism is going to change that, long term. I’m going to start looking through my wallet, and anything that I can trade on a CEX is going there for transfer. I’ve got to dump things will I still can, and tighten up my wallets so that I’m in positions I don’t mind holding for months.

I probably need to up my game with the NFT sales, I need to flip a lot of week one and two posters so I can afford to buy more of this week’s. I figure that I should probably hold enough funds in reserve to secure the next tier, so that limits what I can buy today. I’ve got a lot of posters to flip. I basically need to dump my entire inventory this week to be able to buy enough week three posters to keep things moving. It’s going to be a bit more tricky than I thought, but a fun exercise. I have no fears about losing money, I’m just concerned that I’m not going to be able to flip things fast enough to make it to tier three, which is going to cost 3x my initial starting capital. The clock is ticking!

I’ve been contacted by someone about the Solana projects that I pitched for the hackathon. I’m not sure exactly what I can do. The Lattice hard wallet support is probably out until after the hackathon, and the Gnosis vault probably requires some serious integration work with existing wallets that might be too much to take on right now. Forking MolochDao/DaoHaus might be a good project, but with the StarAtlas arcade rewards, I’ve been thinking that’s where I’m going to be focusing.

I’ve had a couple ideas for games, mainly in-browser versions of retro arcade classics, stuff that we could fork and modify with some blockchain mechanics and throw on a web page. Nothing terribly original yet, I’m afraid. I still need to build a team, and I’ve got a week to do it.

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