Bug hunter

I’ve spent the last two days trying to get multisig on Solana working. I scripted everything out to make sure I wasn’t making a stupid mistake, using bash variables, command substitution and even regex to make sure the damn thing worked right. I got really close at one point when I got a new error, but I couldn’t get it. Turns out there might be a bug.

I had also reached out to the Perpetual Finance team, about some issues with their liquidation price calculation. I had spent several hours trying to take the CLI JS code and translate it to something I could stuff in an Excel spreadsheet, but I couldn’t quite figure out if I was doing it right. Just got word from the team there was a bug for that as well.

I’m apparently really good at finding bugs in programs. I think that’s the easy part, but being able to isolate the issue and communicate it to the teams in a way that is helpful is the hard part. Maybe I should pay more attention to bug bounties.

The the Solana bug puts the SAIADao process on hold for the time being, I need to turn my attention to the next, biggest, hardest thing: my resignation announcement and Substack article. I should probably post it earlier in the afternoon, instead of waiting until late afternoon like I usually do. We’ll see.

I’ve started organizing my work board, a Trello board I named personal, but I should probably rename it after my LLC, as that’s what it is. I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I’ve been procrastinating on like domain and certificates renewals, and I also want to migrate this site over to the blockchainman.com domain that I bought long ago.

But first thing on my list after I’m done here today is to workout. I have got to get back in a routine with that. My legs still hurt from two days ago, but my work has been sporadic. I’m pondering joining a fitness center or re-subscribing to Daily Burn so I can start doing some HIIT again, but I think resistance training is going to be the most important thing I can do, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do that without access to a weight room. I told Missus and she said there are a bunch of logs in the backyard, why don’t you go and lift those a bunch of times? Not a bad point, actually.

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