Note to future me

I do not want to be writing this right now, as I’m currently residing in Hangover City, but I’m forcing myself to do it before I allow myself to do anything else. The markets were up when I checked earlier, so I want to add to my leveraged longs, and I’m behind on stuff for SAIADao, but I’m going to crank this out before I do anything. I guess I’m on vacation from Zombie, LLC this last week. I got the Dell tech swapping the hard drive on a server later today then I’m just about done. Just a couple so long, and thanks for all the fish posts and I AM OUT.

Our quaranteam family came back from Tennessee yesterday afternoon, and the kids couldn’t wait to play. I cooked a pizza for the kids while the adults ate chicken tacos and drank scotch. I may have overdone it a bit.

I did a lot of work on the Solana multisig for the dao, but I’m having problems with the offline signing portion of it. Once I figure that out we should be good to go, but I still need to put the proposal together for the poster purchases. xDAI’s network was all jacked up yesterday. Graph Protocol was having an issue or something, hopefully it’s resolved so I can carry on.

I went through and read some more of last May’s posts. They’re like time capsules, and I think it emphasizes the importance of this blog/journal as a daily exercise. Earlier this week Missus was talking about some things that happened earlier in our marriage, was all do you remember when you did this fucked up thing and we almost got a divorce? and I was like no, thanks for reminding me. So it’s like that but for stuff that I want to remember here. This Hustle and Flow post is interesting, as it reminded me that a year ago I was worried about Zombie going under, and I was trying to figure out a way to double my salary, and here I am a year later quitting my job. Life is weird.

So, future me, if you’re reading this a year or five in the future, you can recall the beautiful day in May of 2021 when you, Missus, Elder, Younger and the cats were happy and content, the last week before you quit your job and embarked off to see what awaited you on the other side of your fear.

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